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These are the services we can offer you to achieve excellence

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Recruitment and talent aquisition services, in order to satisfy the supply of the best software solutions on the market.

  • Definition of technical profiles.
  • Specification of the demanded functions and requiriments.
  • Approach and development of J.D.
  • Recruitment of candidates.
  • Legal advice in civil labor affairs and technical analysis.
  • Devising out of reports, feedback’s, and expectations managment.
  • Supply of the best solutions, regarding the demanded requiriments, and the obtained technical evaluation.
  • Endowment of a continuous monitoring throughout the selection process.
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Personnel Managment

Personnel management services, derived from the achievement of strategic objectives, and the full compliance with the different regulations and labor standards.

  • KPI’s definition.
  • Performance appraisals.
  • Salary studies / Annual Reports.
  • Compliance with the different regulations and labor standards advisory.
  • Training courses managment.
  • Implementation of best practices.
  • Outsourcing of Occupational Hazard Prevention services.
  • Supply of career plans and recycling courses.
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Global Mobility

Design and implementation of global mobility programs services, in order to ensure a smooth transition of employees to their new locations.

  • Global mobility plans.
  • Legal advisory.
  • Visas managment and other immigration processes.
  • Lodgings and trips organization.
  • Welcome services.
  • Advice on the supply of health care.
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Services aimed at the total or partial disassociation of employees with their organizations, and the stem management and implementation of arbitration and reduction plans of both economic and psychosocial impacts.

  • Emotions managment.
  • Roadmaps planning.
  • Expectations management.
  • Access to the services provided by ALOVIA, such as those derived from Recruitment / Global Mobility.
  • Labour force adjustment plans managment.
  • Legal advisory.
  • Cost management.


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